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Lisa Milnor

Mindfulness Teacher

Lisa Milnor

Skipton  I  Yorkshire

Mindful Inquiry
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
The Mindfulness Family

8 Week Training in Mindfulness – May/June 2012, Feb/Mar 2014

Be Mindful
Online Mindfulness Course – February 2014

Oxford Mindfulness Centre
Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Mindfulness in non-clinical settings) – Nov 2014

MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine
7 day Training with Jon Kabat Zinn and Saki Santorelli – Jun/Jul 2015

Mindfulness in Schools Project
.b Foundations – Sept 2015

Yoga and Insight Meditation with Helen Stephenson and Yanai Postelnik  – Gaia House 2014 (6 days)

Four Foundations of Mindfulness focusing on friendliness – John Peacock and Jenny Wilkes 2015 (8 days)

Waking up in every moment with Melissa Blacker and David Rynick  Triganos 2016 (7 days)

Insight Yoga and Meditation Sarah and Ty Powers 2016 (6 days)

As a trained mindfulness and yoga teacher I run 8 week mindfulness courses and Mindful Yoga classes for individuals, schools and businesses.  Mindfulness based yoga therapy is offered to those who feel a more individual approach is appropriate.

What I really love about this work is that it is accessible to each and every one of us – whatever our ethnicity, gender, size, age, religion, vocation, ability, health…

I work with individuals, schools and companies offering classes, courses, workshops, retreats, coaching and customised training. Through my work, whether one to one or in groups I aim to facilitate the health, happiness and well-being of all.

I run Mindfulness courses, Mindful Yoga classes and day retreats mainly in Skipton and Hellifield and the surrounding area.  Mindfulness courses and day retreats are also run in the very beautiful Meditation Centre in Dent, Cumbria.

I am also currently one of a small, but growing, community of certified TRE providers in the UK.

Whether we feel on top form looking to find some greater purpose to life or feel at rock bottom all of us can benefit from making the time to re-engage with our lives in a more mindful way.

Through these simple and practical mind-body approaches we can learn to live life with a greater sense of ease, appreciation and enjoyment and in doing so realise our personal and professional potential.

Not only does mindfulness transform our lives by taking care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally – it also has a huge ripple effect extending the benefits to our family, friends, colleagues and our world!

What is the importance of professional guidelines such as the UK Network’s Good practice Guidelines to you and your teaching?

Mindfulness courses are intended to teach people practical skills that can help with physical and mental health problems and ongoing life challenges.  It is important work and has the potential to transform the quality of participants’ lives and those around them in so many beneficial ways.   Delivering these courses is therefore a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly and as such requires a rigorous and quality teacher training programme and ongoing CPD that combines compassion with professionalism.  The UK network’s Good Practice Guidelines offer a framework for teachers to be confident that they receive the highest standard of training to deliver this important work.  And for those seeking a mindfulness teacher they can be confident that they are in capable and caring hands.

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