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Daran Crush

Mindfulness Teacher  I  CMI Online Course Support & Social Media

Daran Crush

Sutton  I  Surrey

I am a Mindfulness Teacher; I also teach yoga.  Since taking my first mindfulness course, my own practice and classes have changed, inviting a deeper connection.

I teach mindful yoga classes in the workplace and to the general public. My public classes are in Sutton, Surrey and I mix a range of yoga styles into a mindful class that is open to all. My classes are accessible and suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.

For me, a mindful yoga class allows for a ‘dropping in’ to each posture, sensing how it lands and being with what arises. Classes conclude with a body scan to further deepen awareness of what is really here.

Mindfulness makes a difference by creating a still point, a firm anchor, from which to approach the changing aspects of life. Repeated personal practice builds a foundation that can be readily called upon at any point, even in a time of stress, allowing space to be created to respond more effectively to whatever has arisen.

What is the importance of professional guidelines such as the UK Network’s Good practice Guidelines to you and your teaching?

Finding a good teacher well versed in the practices is key to a mindfulness journey.  A teacher who adheres to UK Network’s guidelines undertakes rigorous training and has a strong practice.

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