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Susie Ball

Mindfulness Teacher  I  Level 4  I  CMI Team

Bromley  I  Kent  I  London

Mindful Inquiry
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
A Day of Mindfulness

Gaia House – Martin Aylward (June 2016, Jan 2015, June 2014)

Trigonos – Melissa Blacker & David Rynick (Oct 2015)

2 week meditation tour in India: Martin Aylward (Dec 2014)

I am a Co-Founder of Mindful Life London and regularly run public MBSR Courses as well as offering mindfulness initiatives within companies.  I am currently undertaking Level 4 with CMI and have studied with the Centre for Mindfulness, Mass.

I am a trained yoga teacher and mindfulness is at the very heart of this work as well. I have always been interested in practicing and teaching in a way that develops a greater sense of freedom in both body and mind and have come to know the hugely transformative potential of moment to moment awareness.

I am committed to a continued pathway of practice and learning including ongoing training and regular retreats.

Through my practice and teaching, I am continually reminded of the capacity for insight that mindfulness can unlock within each of us. This way of being in the world brings us in touch with the nature of our mind and offers a kind and skilful way to recognise, attend to and release ourselves from unnecessary friction with life. Mindfulness helps to free us up to be more creative in the way we meet life, enabling us to uncover new possibilities and to meet life with a fuller sense of wholeness and aliveness.

What is the importance of professional guidelines such as the UK Network’s Good practice Guidelines to you and your teaching?

A high quality of training and personal commitment is essential in our work and I am grateful to the UK Network for laying out professional guidelines that seek to promote this in the UK. I am committed to embodying this good practice in my teaching.

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