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Philippa Bellis

Mindfulness Teacher

Liverpool  I  Merseyside

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Mindful Inquiry


Mindfulness Family

Relationality as Such” – an insight dialogue retreat with Phyllis Hicks and  Patricia Genoud-Feldman Oct 2016  , Gaia House (eight days)

“Waking up in every moment” with Melissa Blacker and David Rynick May 2016, Triganos (seven days)

“Embodying the Awakened Heart” with Yanai Postelnik and Leela Sarti, Oct 2015, Gaia House (eight days)

Discovering the Heart’s Path of Joy with Kirsten Kratz, Feb 2015 (three days)

Body and Breath, Earth and Air with Dhammagita, April 2015, Taraloka, (four days)

The engine of awakening with Catherine Mcgee,   Sept 2014, Sheffield (three days)

Awakening Loving Kindness with Maitrimala, Varakhanti + Satyajyoti,  April 2014, Taraloka, (eight days)

The Path of the Imaginal with Rob Burbea, Sheffield 2014, (two days)

I currently run eight-week mindfulness courses for the general public based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction approach. I also run ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ courses.

I teach in Merseyside where I offer mindfulness courses and refresher sessions to the public – and to businesses or schools where requested.  I run silent retreat days which are open to existing and past students, as well as mindfulness and yoga weekends. I have a background in yoga and also offer one-to-one mindfulness-based yoga therapy.

Self-compassion has been an integral part of my own mindfulness practice and continues to lie at the heart of my approach.  Mindfulness  has helped me become more self-aware and to develop a new, kinder relationship with myself.  I have a daily mindfulness practice and regularly attend retreats as part of my on-going training and development.

I aim to stay open to whatever helps an individual and encourage people to explore for themselves the many rich offerings of mindfulness.

Mindfulness can open the doorway to a whole different approach to life. One that includes more openness, acceptance, kindness – and appreciation of small everyday wonders.

As we build the mindfulness muscle, we develop a greater capacity to pay attention, to become more resilient in the face of difficulty – and to see the bigger picture. The changes we start to feel in ourselves begin to ripple out – positively affecting our relationships in the workplace, at home and in how we relate to the world.

What is the importance of professional guidelines such as the UK Network’s Good practice Guidelines to you and your teaching?

I take my responsibility as a mindfulness teacher very seriously and am committed to on-going professional training and development. This includes regular mentoring sessions, a daily practice and attendance on retreats. I believe it’s important that a teacher embodies the practices as best they can and the UK’s good practice guidelines help ensure that high standards are maintained.

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