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Anneliese Wells

Yoga Teacher, incorporating mindfulness (CMI Level 1)

Barcombe  I  Lewes  I  East Sussex

I am Scaravelli inspired Yoga Teacher and Level 1 Mindfulness Yoga Teacher. I teach Yoga Therapy for the Mind courses (a combination of Yoga and Mindfulness) and a weekly Therapeutic Yoga class which includes mindful movement in conjunction with other mindfulness practices.

My mindfulness journey continues to develop. I complete Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy training in 2019 and plan to teach cookery lessons with a mindful focus to engage people in the possibilities of informal practice. My personal practice is helping me to concentrate on the path ahead without the stress.

I teach small classes at Birchwood Yoga; a private studio in my garden in the village of Barcombe close to Lewes in East Sussex. My approach to teaching is to see each person as an individual and work with their needs whether this be privately or in a class setting.

I trained in Scaravelli inspired Yoga and Yoga Therapy for the Mind which has enabled me to work privately with those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness was a part of this training but I wanted to delve deeper. Having taken a number of mindfulness courses personally, I wanted to be able to offer this wonderful practice to my clients, hence training on the BWY Mindful Module with Cathy-Mae and following this up with the CMI Conversion Course. I now have the confidence to relate more openly with my private Yoga Therapy Clients and to use the mindfulness practices to support my clients in a variety of ways.

Mindfulness has been the most transformational in helping me to make changes in my life. From silencing the critical mind to learning to interact with others in a more positive way; particularly when it comes to those who can ‘press my buttons’! I appreciate the constant evolution of the practice.

What is the importance of professional guidelines such as the UK Network’s Good practice Guidelines to you and your teaching?

To have guidelines protects myself and my clients. When in doubt the guidelines are a great resource.

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