Level 2: Teacher Development Practicum

Practice Teaching while discovering the inter-connectedness of the programme.

This training prepares the participant for delivering introductory 8-week mindfulness-based
interventions (MBIs) or the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. It builds on the foundations of Level 1 and further emphasises the grounding principles and practices of the MBSR curriculum.

This training emphasises experiential learning – participants engage in immersed practice as well as hands-on, one-to- one and group teaching. Embodiment, attitudes and skill of the teacher as well as delivery method, language and principles are considered through observation, practice and reflection. Instruction, silence, dialogues, and in-depth training in delivery, with inquiry are at the heart of this programme. As we drop deeper into our own experiences, the collaborative environment offers full support and de-briefing for all participants.

Graduates of Level 2, with the support of their mentors and when they are competent, start to deliver introductory 8-week MBIs which will be closely supported through mentoring and/or supervision.


  • Level 1 Foundations training

  • Apprenticing on an 8-week course is required before teaching.

    Apprenticing prior to Level 2 training enhances this training and hones the appreciation of pedagogical and theoretical underpinnings, teacher qualities as well as the knowledge and skills embedded in the MBSR programme.

  • A 5+ day silent, residential, teacher-led retreat

  • A personal daily mindfulness practice

You will receive

  • One year’s free Membership of CMI

  • Your teacher’s listing on CMI’s page

  • Listing of your events

  • Access to CMI Teachers’ closed Facebook group

  • Reduced rates for Master Classes

Level 2 Course Content

Course Aims

The educational aims of the programme are to:

  • Educate and train healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, therapists, counsellors, community workers and others who qualify, in MBIs and MBSR through experiential learning and reflection
  • Consider through discussion and investigation the theoretical, pedagogical and human components of mindfulness programmes
  • Familiarize participants with the Mindfulness-Based Interventions-Teacher Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) guidelines with regard to competencies in teaching
  • Consider mindfulness interventions within the larger socio-political context and approaches to stress reduction and wellbeing
  • Ensure investigation of the growing evidence base both in support of and in critical appraisal of MBIs; encourage critical appraisal of the literature
  • Contribute towards the growth and development of an international community of mindfulness practitioners and professionals who serve disadvantaged groups

Learning Outcomes

During the course, participants will:

  • Discern fundamental features of MBSR, how these are embedded within the curriculum and consider suitable approaches to course delivery
  • Distinguish, practice and receive feedback on foundational language principles of mindfulness delivery
  • Develop experience, competency and aptitude in leading aspects of the curriculum with opportunities to learn through observation as well as receiving and offering feedback
  • Investigate aspects of relationality in the MBI setting both internally and within dyads and the larger group
  • Collectively explore current mindfulness research


The training supports participants to:

  • Deepen their personal mindfulness practice
  • Develop growing capacity for self-reflection and awareness as primary competencies of a mindfulness teacher
  • Demonstrate aptitude in and understanding of the ethos, values, structure and components of an MBSR course
  • Display competence both in delivery of mindfulness teachings and the ability to appraise the teachings of peers and teachers
  • Identify the importance of familiarizing themselves with research in the field of mindfulness as well as professional considerations
  • Demonstrate critical skills in reflecting upon and discussing reading assignments
  • Offer brief mindfulness workshops, information or taster sessions, while mentored, as a bridge towards MBSR and/or MBI delivery
  • Identify the importance of community and mentoring to support their ongoing unfoldment as mindfulness professionals

After Level 2 Training

Level 2 Graduates undertake regular mentoring and/or supervision, whether through CMI or the Mindfulness Network CIC.
  • Design an MBI or MBSR Curriculum
  • Design a workbook to support your course
  • Those who meet the competency standards of the UK Network are approved to offer introductory MBIs.
  • Undertake two introductory MBI’s or MBSR programmes, with guidance and reflection
  • Run introductory mindfulness workshops
  • Deliver mindfulness taster sessions
  • Lobby your workplace or local council to support mindfulness interventions

Level 2 Training

Course Cost: £795

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Need more information?

Read the Training Pathway for the bigger picture on becoming a Mindfulness Teacher, or find out about the training in detail on the Level 1-4 pages.

Training Pathway
Level 1 Mindfulness Foundations
Level 3: Teacher Development Immersion

“Just being with Cathy-Mae is life changing. Her wisdom, skills and love have made the Level II training an experience I will cherish and hold in my heart forever. I have learned so much and travelled so far.”

Mo McAuley, Level ll Training

“This course offered an opportunity to reconnect with like-minded people, and explore new experiences with an open-hearted approach and a feeling of being held within the group.”

Anne Walley, Level ll Training

“The Mindfulness Level II course has both equipped me with the confidence and knowledge to take people through an 8-week programme and also to continue to deepen my own practice.”

Pip Bellis, Level II Training

“Through a supported and held space, a real sense of learning has evolved. Life altering experiences held and lovingly guided by the gentle and tender space created by Cathy-Mae and the group.”

Tracey Cramond, Level II Training

“I am encouraged to go out and train people in the community on the 8-week mindfulness course. Cathy-Mae is a wonderful teacher and creates an amazing space to learn and develop.”

Raksha Kukadia, Level II Training