Level 3: Teacher Development Immersion

Underpinnings, Pedagogy and Practice Intensive.

This advanced training provides insight into the origins and roots of mindfulness. Deep immersion in the curriculum as a living process, contemplation of its most fundamental teachings and exploration of the course ingredients and flow through teaching and learning is at the heart of this training.

While the programme is completely secularised, L3 considers the very formulations and root philosophies upon which the MBSR curriculum is founded as well as approaches to delivery. Some of these underpinnings explore the nature of mind, emotions and reality, and efforts are made to understand how these translate into secularised delivery of the 8-week programme. The UK Network Good Practice Guidelines are reviewed in practical terms and teaching competencies cultivated through practice teachings, dialogue, groups discussion and communal practice.

L3 training can be taken after either L1 or L2. It enriches the mindfulness teacher at any stage of their training and entails consideration of how the curriculum interweaves these underpinnings in practice. The programme includes group work, dyads, inquiry, delivery, feedback, silence and cultivation of practice.


  • Level 1, and ideally Level 2 training

  • Apprenticing on an 8-week or Level 1 training

  • A 5+ day silent, residential, teacher-led retreat (ideally a second such retreat)

  • Regular mentoring

  • Demonstration of mindfulness competence submitted through the application process

  • A personal commitment to learning, growing, becoming whole and a dedication to the wellbeing of all

Level 3 Course Content

Course Aims

The training will:

  • Investigate fully the theoretical, pedagogical, ethical and philosophical underpinnings of MBSR and MBIs
  • Explore the Good Practice Guidelines developed by the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers as well as use of the MBI-TAC
  • Demonstrate participant knowledge and skill in guiding mindfulness practices and presentation components of the MBSR programme, accompanied by inquiry
  • Incorporate detailed peer and teacher feedback on on-site practice teachings
  • Emphasise and demonstrate precision in language used to guide practices, inquiry and class dialogue
  • Reinforce mindfulness teaching in accordance with the primacy of embodiment, pacing, languaging, holding the space and other competencies considered important in the MBI-TAC and the mindfulness community

Learning Outcomes

During the course, participants will:

  • Examine the MBSR curriculum with special regard to ethos, theory, content, underpinnings, presentation, delivery and the role of the teacher
  • Communicate their understanding of the above through active engagement, teaching, inquiry and discussion
  • Convey the use of appropriate mindfulness language in guiding formally, informally and in general engagement in the process


The training supports participants to:

  • Employ and apply knowledge, skill and aptitude in mindfulness teaching, engagement and delivery
  • Employ and demonstrate competency as a mindfulness teacher in areas such as embodiment, inquiry, engagement and holding the learning space in meeting life and fostering human flourishing
  • Develop increased capability for meeting uncertainty and difficulty in the learning environment from a stable, albeit shifting ground

Level 3 Training

Course Cost: £795

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Read the Training Pathway for the bigger picture on becoming a Mindfulness Teacher, or find out about the training in detail on the Level 1-4 pages.

Training Pathway
Level 2: Teacher Development Practicum
Level4: Training the Trainer

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