Level 1: Mindfulness Foundations

Enhance your own mindfulness practice and deepen your experience and appreciation of the principles of mindfulness.

This intensive training is based upon direct lived experience and reflection, offering growing appreciation of the theoretical premises of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme. Exposure to the trajectory of mindfulness in the West is coupled with recognition of the importance of cultivating mindfulness in daily life in order to impart it to others.

Participants learn to integrate mindfulness into their professional work.

The course prepares participants to incorporate mindful compassion practices present in the 8-week programme thoughtfully into their work. This usually takes the form of integrating mindfulness into working life or other forms of teaching. It lays the groundwork for the design of workshops, mindfulness sessions, lobbying workplaces, councils or local clinics for the inclusion of mindfulness training.


  • An 8-week mindfulness programme (ideally in a group setting)

  • A daily mindfulness practice

You will receive

  • Course workbook

  • One year’s free Membership of CMI

  • Access to CMI Teachers’ closed facebook group

  • Reduced rates for Master Classes

Level 1 Course Content

Learning Outcomes

During the course, participants:

  • Explore the MBSR programme in relation to its overarching ethos, various components, curriculum, design and delivery methods
  • Examine the principles and practice of mindfulness through conversation and dialogue, and in silence
  • Uncover their innate resourcefulness in meeting stress, anxiety, pain, loss, and suffering as it presents in ourselves, through interactions with others and through life events
  • Explore avenues that support human flourishing
  • Recognize the attitudes and language essential to the formal and informal guidance and cultivation of mindfulness
  • Work in dyads and small groups to practice delivery of some of the formal mindfulness practices


Participants acquire the skills and knowledge to:

  • Discern and describe skills, tools and approaches to meeting anxiety, stress, pain, grief and suffering in ourselves, others and life generally
  • Identify fundamental constituent ingredients of well-designed, sustainable mindfulness integration approaches, including readiness and competency to teach brief introductory sessions
  • Consider the growing mindfulness research base that supports and discusses the value of MBIs
  • Foster and remain open to the discovery and support of human flourishing

After Level 1 Training

You will be skilled to infuse mindfulness into your work, e.g. counselling, therapy, body work, yoga teaching or community service.
  • Incorporate brief versions of some of the formal practices into your therapy / counselling / yoga teaching / body work / community service
  • Hold introductory sessions that combine your work with mindfulness – supported by mentoring sessions
It is not possible to call yourself a mindfulness teacher nor a CMI teacher

Level 1 Training

Course Cost: £750

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Need more information?

Read the Training Pathway for the bigger picture on becoming a Mindfulness Teacher, or find out about the training in detail on the Level 1-4 pages.

Training Pathway
Level 2: Teacher Development Practicum
Level 3: Teacher Development Immersion

“I have worked with many world-renowned senior yoga teachers in my time as a yoga practitioner/teacher but I have to say that the time I spend with Cathy-Mae is one of the most rewarding of all.”

Scott Johnson, Level l Training

“The course allows for intensive learning, practical teaching opportunities as well as personal practice and insights. It was delivered with so much wisdom, compassion and love (and lots of fun too).”

Michaela Welz, Level l Training

“This is such a significant development to plant the seeds for a the new earth. We can change the world breathe by breathe. Congratulations for the initiative to a phenomenal teacher – Cathy-Mae.”

Lucille Meyer, Level I Training

“I’ve found that this course has helped me truly incorporate mindfulness into teaching yoga… In fact, it’s now almost impossible NOT to teach mindfully, which has helped me and my students immensely.”

Jo Gillibrand, Level I Training