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Laura Mitchell

Level 2 Graduate

Cardiff  I  Wales

I’ve been studying and practising yoga since my teenage years, beginning with Ashtanga and later Hatha Yoga- I am a BWY Hatha Yoga teacher. Mindful Yoga has transformed the way that I relate to life, live and teach.

I have completed the CMI Mindfulness Level 2 training, and am currently on the Apprenticeship program. I have also taken training with Cathy-Mae as an IYT practitioner, which is a course that delves into the depths of Mindfulness, Yoga, and Ayurveda. As an IYT I have been paying special attention to the conditions of Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and Fear. I love to work both 1-2-1 with clients and in groups.

Yoga Mantra is at the core of my development both as a yoga teacher and also as a professional Opera singer. Throughout my career as an opera singer I have drawn upon the powerful inner teachings of Mantra, Mindfulness and Yoga, and am currently delivering a course called ‘Mantras for the four seasons’ which will be enhanced by my professional experience.

Mindfulness offers a depth and clarity of feeling that is so refreshing. It is the practice of paying attention on purpose to each breathing moment or as I like to think of it ‘breath in motion’, and it allows for an unfolding and clear insight into what is actually happening. It also offers a vast assortment of tools to accompany whatever is unfolding in the moment so that we may choose wisely how to interact , if indeed we decide to do so. Mindfulness has transformed the way that I live my life, teach, and relate with people. I hope the whole world gets to experience Mindfulness!

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