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Lucille Meyer

Mindfulness Teacher

Western Cape, South Africa

As CEO of Chrysalis Academy, I have witnessed first-hand the transformational power of mindfulness when cultivated through our programmes.  Staff and students benefit alike.

I have been practicing Integral Yoga for 12 years. I qualified at the Ananda Kutir Ashrama in 2006 as a level 1 yoga teacher and subsequently obtained the Level 2 Yoga Therapy teachers training qualification. I also completed studies in India in the Satyananda Tradition in Ajapa Dharana and Prana Vidya. My mindfulness journey began with training under Rob Nairn culminating in a 10 day retreat and then further training with Cathy-Mae in London 2013. I hold a BA, M.Ed in Adult Education and an MBA.

Mindfulness changes everything – attitude, wellbeing and ultimately one’s entire being.  It leads to a discovery of what is already here within us.  I am passionate about leadership development and the transformation of institutions as vehicles for positive change and I believe that mindfulness training enables people and institutions to achieve their full potential.  In my mind, yoga (oneness) = mindfulness if practised with conviction, patience and moment to moment awareness.

What is the importance of professional guidelines such as the UK Network’s Good practice Guidelines to you and your teaching?

Ethics and values are held in very high regard in our institution as we strive to offer our young people the best possible service.

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