Project Description

Jennifer Russell

Therapist, incorporating mindfulness (CMI Level 1)

Oxted  I  Surrey

A Day of Mindfulness Yoga

5 day silent retreat at Gaia House in – June 2016

I am a Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, Franklin Method teacher and Cranio Sacral therapist. I bring mindfulness to all aspects of my life both professionally and personally. I am looking forward to the Level 2 training in 2017 and starting to teach some Mindfulness courses.

I came to mindfulness when conventional medicine couldn’t help me with migraines.

This set me on the path of a daily practice of meditation and mindful movement which helps me to relate to my life in a different more peaceful way. When I stopped trying to get rid of the migraines and accepted things as they were in each moment the migraines gradually went.

Mindfulness allows us to observe our thoughts, feelings and emotions so we can create some space between them and our reactions so we can act with intelligence rather than from habit.

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