by Tracey Cramond

During the final group meet on an 8 week course or teacher training we consciously acknowledge the dissolving of the circle.  A circle that is formed on the first day with the intention of creating a space of deep listening.  A space where the qualities of mindfulness, curiosity, kindness, compassion and wisdom have their seeds sown and that through the following months are cultivated and held.

An ending & a new beginning

To acknowledge the ending of the course and beginning of a journey we choose from a wooden box a single bead.  This ‘mindfulness bead’ is a symbol of the richness of our community and our intention to cultivate the many qualities of mindfulness.  It is used as a gentle reminder, held between our fingers or tied to our key-ring, to be present to what is here.  To be aware that we are part of a bigger community, part of a large circle of people practicing with an agency to change the things that need to be changed.

Woza Moya – “Come Spirit of Change”

Beads have been a big part of the African culture for many years and it is rich in tradition and in cultural meaning. The beads are created in the South African nation of Zulu. Each specific colour has it’s own meaning and symbol.  The Zulu community use the beads as a form of communication with each other to express feelings and sending messages.

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Further Information

Find more information on Woza Moya here.

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