We envision a just world in which all communities have access to health, education, services and safety. We are working towards societies in which mindfulness promotes social justice, and care for one another and our environments. We welcome a world in which young people thrive and the wisdom of elders is valued.


Our training brings awareness to social justice, promoting human dignity and community to reduce suffering and social inequalities.

What we do

We train people, especially mindfulness trainers, in social transformation. Our educational programmes emphasise power, encourage critique and promote community engagement. Our work recognises the strengths, power and skills of communities and aims to integrate mindfulness into community programmes.

How we do it

We aim to integrate issues of social justice into our training. Our intention is to move mindfulness away from a training that can contribute towards social atomisation towards an education that acknowledges and is comfortable with identifying the socio-economic and political causes of ill-health. We’d like our teachers to be socially aware of the roots of inequalities in our societies and the ways in which certain characteristics of difference like race, class, gender and sexuality are exploited to create vulnerabilities and social divisions. We train our teachers to recognise our privileges, blind spots and power and to become conscious of how we exercise these.

At present, CMI are taking a break from Teacher Training while we overhaul our programme to ensure that our work acknowledges and responds to the interconnected climate, political, economic and social crises. We work in the service of clear strategies and actions that overcome injustices and inequalities and foster community. We seek to understand individuals as part of communities and society, not as separate or atomised.


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