Long Commitment

As CMI evolves and grows, we remain committed to our own learning process.

Part of this is recognising the ways in which we, as part of the mindfulness movement, are directly and indirectly complicit in causing harm to already marginalised communities, including through cultural appropriation.

 To this extent, we wish to acknowledge Funie Hsu’s attention to the expropriation of mindfulness teachings, the disregard for Asian and Asian American practitioners in the development of ‘modern’ mindfulness, and the general harm caused through the concentration of power in the mindfulness sector among elite decision- and policy makers.

Similarly, we acknowledge and learn from the work and attention of the decolonisingyogamovement in relation to cultural appropriation, race, queer/trans, body acceptance and other areas of injustice.

At CMI, we remain committed to partnering with groups and people keen to wake up to the many ways in which we cause harm in the name of these generous teachings. We seek to foster partnerships that build communities and bring our services to those who might otherwise not have access to them, collaboratively and with awareness of our own privilege. Communities remain at the heart of our work.

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