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Scott Johnson

Mindfulness Teacher

Kent  I  London

Still Point Yoga

I practice mindfulness regularly and share mindfulness principles and practices as part of intensives, retreats and workshops in my work as a teacher and facilitator of yoga. I find the practice of mindfulness keeps me grounded and balanced when working with people in a delicate way. My goal is to deepen my relationship with mindfulness to explore how it can evolve and touch my life.

I am Director and principal yoga teacher at Stillpoint Yoga London.  Our classes at SYL are shared in a way to inspire and foster personal self practice.  Since practicing mindfulness,  I meet people at SYL and around the country in a deeper way. The tools of mindful inquiry allows us to be present. 

Mindfulness helps you to come intimately closer to your own life. It helps you to see the parts of you that are hiding, or that you have hidden away, and allows you to be with it in an open and honest way. It’s practices then help you to nurture and foster new outlooks and pathways that feel more rooted in discovering who you really are.

What is the importance of professional guidelines such as the UK Network’s Good practice Guidelines to you and your teaching?

Professional guidelines help to preserve and connect the practices and teachers. It helps to know that with so many new offerings out there that being able to move people through a process is held in a safe and nurturing way. Each of us as teachers have a great responsibility to share in a safe and inspiring way. Being part of the network helps keep us together.

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