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CPD Training

Shifting from Despair to Hope

In times of global crises and uncertainty, there is a clear call to action.
Can mindfulness serve us in shifting from despair to hope and action?

Together we cultivate the knowledge and interest to practice a mindfulness that offers insight into global and local challenges that sees ill-health as human responses to social structures of oppression.
Next 4-part Course: 19 Nov – 17 Dec.

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In the Service of Communities

Shifting from ‘atomised individualism’ towards reconnection with community.
Can mindfulness centre and support community organising, leadership and change?

Together we put mindfulness to work to develop the knowledge and confidence to tackle collective challenges and to recognise ourselves and our practices as part of our communities and society.

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Mindfulness in Community Wellbeing

In our societies, individuals are made responsible for their wellness regardless of social conditions. Can mindfulness form part of community health policies  that recognise structural causes of collective suffering?

Together we develop the understanding and skills to integrate mindfulness into real wellbeing strategies geared towards health creation.

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We currently find ourselves immersed in the unprecedented escalation of the climate and ecological crisis, rising social inequalities, and, in the UK, prospects of a post-Brexit recession…